Wine Fulfillment for Solano County, CAWine Fulfillment in Solano County by WineCare Logistics. Established in January 2009, We have over 13 years of experience shipping wine for wineries in Solano City and Solano County.

Are you a Winery in Solano County searching for a Cost-Effective, Fast, Reliable 3PL Wine Fulfillment & Shipping Company? If so, give us a call today to experience the best in Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Wine Shipping & Wine Club Services for Solano County wineries. Our timely pick up and delivery network at 99.98% success rate is one of the best in the industry.

In 2022, WineCare Logistics served over 100+ wineries. More than 230,000 wine fulfillment orders were delivered on time. For wine fulfillment in Solano County, we’ve got you covered.

WineCare Logistics Inc. provides Wine Fulfillment Services for wineries in Solano County, CA.

Why Choose WineCare Logistics for Wine Fulfillment Services and Wine Shipping for wineries in Solano County?

WineCare Logistics is the best choice for your Winery’s Fulfillment services in Solano County. We offer wine fulfillment services in Solano County, providing top-quality support for businesses. Here are a few reasons why our Wine Shipping Services are a grade above the rest.

  • Winecare Logistics has State-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Solano County saving you money and time.
  • For Wineries in Solano County, We provide fast nationwide shipping with 1 pm same-day shipping cutoff. Orders that are in by 9 am, will ship out the same Weekday.
    Private Label Wine Fulfillment provides custom winery branding, tissue wrapping, packaging for large formats, stickering, and bottle ID proof tag tracking.
  • We offer temperature-controlled shipping for the summer and winter months. WineCare Logistics’ wine fulfillment center warehouse is temperature and humidity controlled.
    WineCare Logistics offers an expansive 3-Tier network through WorldShipNet. It is trouble-free and your winery will legally get shipping access states that you originally could not ship into.
  • We are environmentally friendly. Our Solano County Wine Fulfillment Center is a Carbon Neutral Shipping offered direct from UPS. Ecologically friendly practices are integral to our paperless facility, thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Software Integrations: Our client software portal allows 24/7 online access to order statuses and inventory reporting. Our software integrations sync with your sales channels. It eliminates any manual importing of data and triggers any appropriate notifications to your end customer. This will provide you real-time inventory and shipment tracking.

Will WineCare Logistics be able to serve my Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Wine programs like a Wine Club?

Yes, We have expertise in providing Wine Club Fulfillment Services for wineries in Solano County. Our logistics software easily handles Direct-To-Consumer Wine Shipping. When it comes to wine shipping in Solano County, we’ve got your needs met.

How much does Wine Fulfillment Cost for a Winery in Solano County, CA?

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How often will WineCare Logistics pick up Wine from my Winery in Solano County, CA?

We provide wine shipping service in Solano County, ensuring safe and efficient pickup for businesses. Trucks from WineCare Logistics go out Twice a Week for Inventory replacement from Wineries in Solano County, CA.

Are the Trucks employed by WineCare Logistics temperature controlled when they pickup my Wine Inventory from Solano County, CA?

Yes, WineCare Logistics uses Refrigerated trucks for temperature control for pickup of Wine inventory from Solano County, CA. Wine shipping companies in Solano County trust us for our unwavering commitment to secure wine transportation.

What is a wine fulfillment center?

Wine Fulfillment is the administration of the logistics associated with the shipment of wine. It includes the storing, handling, packing, picking, and delivery of the wine to clients.


“We have been dealing with Arvind and Amit Nischal for past few years and have been very pleased with overall service that Winecare Logistics gives to our winery and our customers. WineCare logistics has management staff and facilities to accommodate the need for us to ship product to several thousand customers. We highly recommend WineCare Logistics for your shipping requirements”

Andretti Winery

“I have been using WineCare Logistics for over 5 years and I have been extremely happy with their services. I have never had any issues with tracking or claims and everything is done online. They resolve issues within 24 hours and make sure that I am satisfied with the outcome.”

Peju Winery

“We have been using WCL for some time. We got results via phone, email, everyone is always very courteous. The driver Chuck is performing his job with pride and promptness. We have had only few claims and they have always been handled to our satisfaction.”

Monticello Vineyards