Bonded Wine Storage

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Climate controlled facility monitored daily ensures 65 degree temperature is maintained. 100,000+ Sq/ft facility to accommodate bonded storage for wine. Bonded wine storage at 55 degrees. Our experienced staff packs and ships from our temperature controlled warehouse, ensuring that each job is done completely, safely, and efficiently.

We are ideally set up to allow maximum ease and flexibility. We can:

  • High density storage for both long term library wine and short term wines
  • Delivery wine from inventory to your winery every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Schedule pick-up from other warehouses

Consolidation, Distribution and Bonded Wine Storage

Streamline your supply chain with Winecare Logistics, Inc. We can consolidate your shipments coming from multiple origins, and distribute shipments coming from one origin to multiple destinations. We can help you:

  • Reduce warehousing costs.
  • Maintain inventory levels.
  • Minimize handling.