3-Tier Network

Market Access

Ship to More States: Our 3-Tier network provides access to states not open for direct shipment. An alternative way to legally ship wine to customers in states that have regulatory requirements without having to maintain permits, licenses and administrative recourses for reporting and tax preparation

Minimize Permitting Costs: Obtaining direct ship permits in all 36 states open to wineries can be cost prohibitive. We offer an alternative which allows you to replace some of those large up-front fees with minimal per transaction costs.

State Coverage: Our extensive network is currently available in many states expansion into additional states such as MA, NJ, OH

Bicoastal Shipping

shipping Napa, CA shipping Monmouth Junction, NJ

1. Gain Competitive advantage
2. Avoid Heat hold storage and loosing customers
3. Trucks leave every 2 weeks for inventory replacement
4. Refrigerated trucks for temperature control
5. Online inventory system to order from inventory from both warehouses.
6. Put inventory closer to your customers to faster fulfillment